An Eloise sweater to coordinate with the light coral earflap hat

When I last updated my blog, I had gotten this far with an earflap hat that, when it is completed, is destined to be added to the five hat project (technically making it a six hat project) that I am working on with a cousin of mine who has adopted a family in need for Christmas:

crochet hat with ear flaps
A not quite complete hat

While I liked what I had done, I didn’t feel that it went far enough. I wanted a baby hat that was over-the-top with the joy and liveliness that is for me what epitomizes crochet, so I added three more flowers, and inched the hat ever closer to my vision for it:

crochet hat with crochet flowers
I trick out the light coral earflap hat with a few more crochet flowers

But a hat for a baby, while nice, seems an insufficient welcome for a brand new life, so I decided to make a sweater to go with it and thought that Tamara Kelly’s Eloise Sweater would be perfect.

So using Red Heart Super Saver light coral and an assortment of accent colors, Ms. Kelly’s free pattern, and a Clover 6.0 mm hook, I got to work and in less time than I would have expected, I had gotten this far:

child's crochet sweater
A future Eloise crochet sweater

I think the two pieces are going to be just about perfect (although, perhaps some booties will be in order):

crochet sweater and crochet hat
The crochet hat and sweater to-be await finishing

and I can hardly wait until I have all of the crochet work done and can begin weaving in the ends to bring my over-the-top vision to fruition.

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