After a weekend of sunshine and sand, it was hard to get back into the rhythm of running a household.

While there was no one at home this weekend, save the cat, I arrived home to a house that definitely looked lived in, and when I dared to look at the calendar, I found that tomorrow marks Day One of the last 34 days before the largest project I plan to enter in the 2010 North Carolina State Fair must be turned in.

So far, I have completed nine of the 31 rows that will comprise the project I am entering in the competition for Dept Y, but today, I did not complete one stitch toward that goal.

Instead of cleaning the house or working on the state fair project, I sat down with my 4.5 mm Etimo hook, a skein of Red Heart Super Saver spring green yarn, and this picture of the Android Robot:

Android robot logo

Two hours and one load of laundry later, this is what I came up with:

android amigurumi, crochet android
My first attempt at an Android-gurumi

Living in a household of open-source early adopters definitely impacts my crochet. I evaluate every new product for its crochet potential: Is it a good candidate for a cozy? Does it have a logo that can be easily adapted to an amigurumi? Is the logo in a color that I can easily recreate with my current supply of yarn?

Beginning at sunrise tomorrow, I will need to set aside my many other crochet interests and focus solely on the project at hand that is my afghan for the 2010 state fair, but at least until I fall asleep, I can let my mind and my hook wander wherever they please.