Another mini-meta crochet pig ready for adventure

I don’t know exactly why crochet pigs captivate me, but in a larger sense, I suppose the why doesn’t matter, because when I heard the clarion call of another mini-meta crochet pig waiting to be crocheted into existence, I was unable to resist.

Using my 4.0 mm hook and what I deemed an acceptable red and the perfect blue, the crochet pig that demanded creation is now done:

A small mini-meta crochet pig wearing blue and red pajamas.
The second Olivette ever crocheted

I struggled a bit to get the ears of this mini-meta crochet pig attached exactly as I wanted them, but I had done a much better job closing up the ends of the legs and arms. That made it easier to attach them to the body of the soon-to-be new Olivette, and in no time the new pig was done, and ready for its adventure.

But before I send this second Olivette on its way, I decided that I should document it with the first Olivette.

I got this photo of them enjoying the bracing soon-to-be winter air:

As well as this photo of them dancing on the living room floor:

Once I had the photo documentation done, I wrote a note to the future owner of the new Olivette and the looked around for another project to work on.

Lucky for me, I always have at least one “work in progress”–or WIP as they are known, and I had enough time to crochet a second horn for an adult sized Viking helmet:

Two crochet horns for an XL adult size Viking helmet
Two crochet horns for another Viking helmet

I still haven’t made my way out to my garage yarn stash to pick the colors for the base and contrast of the hat, but when I do I will continue forward, one stitch (and one hat) at a time.

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  1. Those are happy little pigs. They must be looking forward to the holidays and getting together with friends.

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