Blue skies

Today was a picture perfect spring day.

The rain of the last few days had washed away the pollen that blanketed the area last week, and yesterday’s winds cleared away the clouds, and we were left with this:

Blue skies over my outdoor office
Blue skies over my outdoor office

I could not have asked for better weather to work on the Little Boy Blue blanket, and in between errands and household chores, that is exactly what I did.

Here is how it looked in the morning:

A crochet blanket made from many crochet squares made in varied shades of blue
The Little Boy Blue crochet blanket at around 10:30 this morning

My progress on the border up to this point had been, to put it politely, modest, and while I did not exactly set the world on fire with my speed today, I did make visible progress.

Here is how it looked just before sunset:

A crochet blanket made from crochet squares worked in many blue shades of yarn
The Little Boy Blue crochet blanket just before (and I mean just before) sunset

There is something very special about these early days of spring when the days are growing longer and there is still, at times, a crisp edge to the temperature that makes the weather perfect for wearing a sweater (perhaps one the wearer has crocheted herself), and I can’t think of anything much nicer to listen to while sitting under those blue skies and working to finish this blanket than Ms. Ella Fitzgerald’s rendition of this Irving Berlin song.

3 thoughts on “Blue skies

  1. This is my very favorite time of year. My skies are just that shade of blue-ness also. Love the blanket in all its many shades. You might not have set the world on fire but you sure had it smoking. 🙂

  2. How funny….I posted a spring sky pic today too. I take a lot of sky pics. It won’t take you too long to finish Little Boy Blue. That is so pretty.

  3. You have Great taste in music! Thank you… I hope your busy days to come are full of the same Spirit. PS how is Cloony? Haven’t heard.

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