Burning through daylight

One of the things I love best about the late spring is that the days are still getting longer, and if the weather is right, I have more time to crochet en plein air with the daylight revealing the colors to me.

One of the complications of the late spring is that we also sometimes have thunderstorms, the impending arrival of which is announced by large gray clouds moving in.

As long as the large gray clouds do not immediately bring rain, the light can still be lovely to work by, but yesterday the large gray clouds not only moved in and brought rain, they stayed — for hours. And the rain was not some light drizzle or mist that allows me to work on our front porch which is covered, instead it was rather steady all day with the occasional gust of wind to blow the rain right onto the porch.

So I was stuck in the house most of yesterday, and I spent at least some of that time in the guest room (aka crochet empire) looking for a book which lead me to discover a previously begun ball of scrap yarn composed of medium length scraps.

In fact, it was larger than my current medium length yarn scrap, scrap yarn ball. With no really wonderful light to crochet by, I decided to use what light there was to sort out my next scrap project: a scrap ripple afghan.

I have been wanting to make a ripple project because to me, ripple afghans — like granny squares — are iconic crochet, and while I have made ripple crochet projects, all of those have been given away, so want to make one to keep for myself, and to that end, I gave a basic single crochet through the back loop only ripple a whirl:

crochet ripple swatch, crochetbug, scrap yarn crochet, yarn scraps,
A crochet ripple experimental swatch

What this picture doesn’t show is another swatch I crocheted then frogged because the edges of the sides struck me as not quite long enough. Still determined to make my scrap yarn ripple afghan, but undecided about how long I want the edges of each point to be, when the sun finally came out today, I set it aside and tied the ends of the red, pink, and purple yarn scraps I had assembled for the orange crochet rectangle base of yet another future scrap yarn crochet cat:

scrap yarn crochet cats, crochetbug, scrap yarn project, use what you have, amigurumi cat, toy cat
Yarn scraps and a crochet rectangle base for a crochet cat

Happy to have that in order, and feeling rather “crochet invincible” now that I could once again work en plein air in full daylight, I finished weaving in the ends of the nearly finished scrap cats and even managed to turn them right side out again:

scrap yarn crochet cats, crochetbug, scrap yarn project, use what you have, amigurumi cat, toy cat
Three scrap yarn crochet cats

I also mistakenly thought that I would have time to both finish work on the body of the bright orchid scrap yarn crochet cat, and start work on the faces of all the nearly completed cats, but this was as far as I got:

scrap yarn crochet cats, crochetbug, scrap yarn project, use what you have, amigurumi cat, toy cat
Bright orchid scrap yarn crochet cat

before another storm blew in with more gusts of wind blowing the rain sideways onto the porch, and I found that I had essentially burned through all of the daylight.

So I had to set aside some of my crochet plans for another day when I will continue moving forward, one stitch at a time.

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