Busy, busy crochet

When my children were small, I amassed a collection of Richard Scarry books, including Busy Busy World and Busy Busy Town.

If yesterday and today were to serve as the basis of a Richard Scarry book, the title would most likely be Busy, Busy Crochet.

Yesterday, however, despite the busy-ness of things, I managed to string together a bunch of minutes into a large contiguous block of time, and with that time, I worked on one of the three square panels that I signed up to make for the Love Across the USA crochet installation that is due to go up in Raleigh.

Following the color changes outlined in the graphic pattern I was given to follow, I managed to finish the second of the three squares:

My progress as of this morning
Square 31

Today, however, was more of a challenge.

There were free minutes available, but they were not contiguous.

Instead were punctuated with even more errands, however, the good news for me was that after I had completed the first three major errands of the day, I was able to set up camp at a coffee shop and enjoy the luxury of crochet and coffee:

crochetbug, Olek, Love Across the USA, double crochet, crochet panel, coffee, latte
Coffee and crochet

With my template in tow, and the graphic directions for Square 121  and an assortment of hooks and the yarn at the ready, I got to work.

I crocheted in the coffee shop, I crocheted in between later errands, and then, when I finally got home, I parked myself on my front porch and continued to crochet.

I didn’t have a whole lot to show for my day, but I did have something:

crochetbug, Olek, Love Across the USA, double crochet, crochet panel
My progress on Square 121 when I finally got home

Namely, I had finished the first thirty-eight rows of what is shaping up to be the final square I will be working on for this project, and before the sun set on this cloud covered and rainy day, I was able to take this photo of the two squares I have already completed:

crochetbug, Olek, Love Across the USA, double crochet, crochet panel
Squares 31 and 32

I expect that after I brew a fresh pot of coffee, I will be able to make additional progress on the last square, I may even finish it, but I am also grateful that I have crochet to ground me in the midst of all this busy-ness, and I will continue to move forward, one stitch at a time.