Camera ready (or not)

Today, I had what I think of as very good crochet chi, but it was, in one obvious way the obverse of yesterday.

While I got a lot of work done as it relates to crochet, I was not able to document most of what I accomplished.

This was due in part to a problem with timing, and in part due to the nature of the work I did.

The first order of business today as it pertains to my craft was to complete the slip stitch contrast line on my increasingly enormous granny square.

After I had finished a few of the household chores on my to-do list, I turned my attention to my concentric granny square. In short order I finished the contrast. I then wove in the few ends that needed weaving in, moved the coffee table, and sofa and took the day’s one good picture:

concentric crochet granny square
I complete five more rounds of my concentric granny square

After that, I then turned my attention to a hat I am working on.

As some of you may remember, I got the opportunity to test a new hat pattern for Eileen Tepper. It turned out that in the process of testing the pattern, I made a mistake which necessitated redoing much of the hat.

While I managed to frog (unravel) everything that needed to be frogged without any untoward tangles, and while I also managed to then re-crochet (this time mostly without error) the entire portion of the hat that I had had to undo, when I fastened off the last stitch, I saw that it was time to leave the house in order to get my son and another choirmate to their choir practice.

The sun was quickly setting on my crochet day, and I had places I needed to go, so I was unable to document my progress on the hat.

But tomorrow is a new day; I think I’d better get my camera ready.