Can these jeans be saved?

A pair of jeans that you like can be harder to find than a best friend or a good dog, and now the question that confronts me is this: Can these jeans be saved?

Pictured here is the pair of denims that were my former favorite:

My former favorite jeans
My former favorite jeans

It was with much reluctance and sorrow that I replaced them.

This stems in no small measure from the fact that I don’t particularly like to shop, and the other truth (to paraphrase Flannery O’Connor) that a good pair of jeans is hard to find.

But, be that as it may, this particular pair was near the end of its useful life, and after having read an article on how to make denim yarn, I wondered if it were possible to convert a favorite pair of denim pants into a favorite scarf, and it is that question that I am investigating here.

Having found an acceptable replacement for my favorite pair of jeans, I took my favorite fabric scissors and began the process of turning my former favorite jeans into a scarf.

First, I made the initial cuts into the fabric:

crochetbug, upcycle, repurpose, crochet, denim yarn, use what you have
My former favorite jeans after an encounter with my favorite scissors

Next, I followed directions that I found here to create one continuous strip from each leg of my former favorite:

crochetbug, upcycle, repurpose, crochet, denim yarn, use what you have
My former favorite jeans cut into a very long strip

Then, I joined the ends of the two continuous strips using a sewing machine, and wound the entire thing into this ball:

My former favorites wound into a ball
My former favorites wound into a ball

The next step is to put this continuous strip of denim in the washer and then dry it.

Apparently some kind of magic happens in the dryer. I have read that the result is something wonderful that can then be used to make my new favorite scarf.

6 thoughts on “Can these jeans be saved?

  1. I am dying to know how this turned out, I want to try it, but dont want to get blisters from cutting the jeans up if it didnt work out

    1. I haven’t washed the “yarn” yet, but I got the cutting done without a blister incident.

  2. Oh my gosh I NEEED to know what kind of magic happened! I’m just dying to know! And how did your scarf turn out? Is the denim yarn usable for any other crochet projects? So curious!!!!

  3. Dumb question … Do you leave it in a ball when you wash it? Would it be smartv to put it in a stocking bag?

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