CGOA Professional development day: part II

There was so much that happened yesterday that trying to cram all of the events of the day into one blog post would have been a little like trying to pack everything needed for a one-month vacation into a single carry-on bag.

Because I feel as though I am traveling toward the state fair deadline at warp speed, I made use of the time spent listening to the morning’s lecture and panel discussion, as well as the afternoon’s three hour-long presentations, by continuing work on the Bauhaus squares needed for the project. By the day’s end, I had made measurable progress:

crochet blocks crochet squares
Bauhaus blocks I crocheted during professional development day lectures

I was using my 4.5 mm Etimo hook, which attracted the attention of the young woman sitting next to me, Lianka Azulay (an incredibly talented crochet designer), who took note of the hook I was using as well as it’s crochet case companions:

crochet hooks
A set of the über wonderful Etimo hooks

I love the Etimo hooks, and while I was using the 4.5 mm hook, I was able to offer her the 5.0mm hook and some worsted weight yarn so she could take the hook for a test run. In no time, she had turned out this sample of a crocodile stitch:

crocodile, crochet stitch swatch
The popular crocodile crochet stitch

The crocodile stitch forms the backbone of many of Ms. Azulay’s designs which are available at her etsy shop (Bonita Patterns), and from Annie’s Attic in the leaflet Crocodile Stitch Fashions (available on paper or as an electronic download).

Lianka Azulay has a lot of personal flair and grace, and this is reflected in her designs. I have no doubt that we will have the pleasure of seeing many more of her designs in the future.

7 thoughts on “CGOA Professional development day: part II

  1. How incredibly wonderful to be able to share hooks and fun with a designer – and at a CGOA event, at that! I’ve never been to any event of this kind (not even a craft show). I know I would love to mix and mingle with others who love the craft as much as I. I may not be “professional” in crochet but I could always use more “development”!

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