Clooney gets bitten by the crochet bug

Last November, after more than 12 months of intensive lobbying on the part of my youngest son, our family got a dog.

The criteria we established for our future pet were as follows: it would be a dog in need of rescue and the rescue program should be relatively near to us.

It was these requirements that brought me and my youngest son to an animal rescue meet-and-greet shortly before Halloween. One of the rescue organizations participating in the event was All Breed Animal Rescue of the Carolinas (aka ABARC). ABARC was in the process of rescuing a border collie/cocker spaniel mix mom and her litter of five.

We had gone to the adoption event because of two of the dogs in the litter: Huck and Domino. My son was interested in Dominio, while I had found something in Huck’s photo that had appealed to me, but when we got there, Clooney picked us.

He saw us from across the room; alert and engaged, he greeted us with his clear eyes and an inviting tail wag.

His sisters, Eva and Isabel, were, in contrast to Clooney’s calm demeanor, wild. They wagged their tails furiously and attempted to push Clooney away in a bid to be petted.

Huck and Domino, on the other hand, struggled to stay awake amid the festivities, and because they kept dozing off, were unable to make eye contact with us.

So after five minutes of deliberation we settled on Clooney.

Like the Oscar-winning actor for whom he is named, Clooney has gorgeous, wavy hair:

my dog clooney sitting on the sofa
My dog, Clooney

as well as a sharp mind and a curious intellect; it is that sharp mind and curious intellect that causes me a mixture of joy and consternation.

Since I began work on my most recent stash bag:

a nearly completed scrap yarn stash basket
My nearly completed stash bag in it’s natural habitat

Clooney has begun to express an abiding interest in my work.

He used to limit himself to occasionally running off with a ball of yarn, but his fiber exploits of late have been more sustained, and while dogs are supposed to be color blind, like me, he tends to choose brightly colored yarns over a neutrals.

So, while I did managed to almost finish the stash bag today:

a view of the interior of scrap yarn crochet basket
The interior of my most recent, nearly completed stash bag

My work was interrupted for a time while I tended to the clean up needed in the aftermath of Clooney’s afternoon yarn exploit:

8 thoughts on “Clooney gets bitten by the crochet bug

  1. Clooney shows great initiative! I hope you teach him to crochet because its clear he truly enjoys it.

  2. Oh no!! Naughty Clooney!! I leave my yarn I’m working with sitting out on my love seat, luckily our older lab/beagle mix could care less about my yarns & leaves them alone. We still put our Maltese in her kennel when we leave, I bet if we didn’t I’d have yarn adventures like you!

  3. I love it! That’s my handsome boy! I knew he had lots of potential! He just needed to have his creativity encouraged. 🙂 Thanks for loving him and giving him such a wonderful home!

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