Crochet disaster averted

On August 1, I noted that for me it was the start of the 2010 state fair afghan season, and I blogged about my progress on this year’s project; I was, at that moment unable to look three days into the future and see what crochet disaster might await me.

My progress was, in a word, modest, but when I had a chance to study the photos, I was overwhelmed by the amount of white that comprised the project. The profusion of a neutral shade stopped me in my tracks. I could barely bring myself to pick up my hook, and when I did, I found myself only able to crochet the colorful centers.

Then yesterday, I came across a schematic I had been working on that included more color. In the light of day and from a distance of 3 feet, it looked better to me than it had the night I had labored over the grid, coloring in circles and squares in an attempt to approximate what would happen when I worked with yarn.

So today when I noticed the date at the bottom of my computer screen and saw that three days of August had already slipped away, I realized that I truly had no time to dawdle. I got out my hooks, my yarn, and my lucky bent-tipped Clover needle and proceeded to implement the other schematic. To my delight, it seems to be working.

I manage to avert an impending crochet disaster by adding more color to my crochet project
I manage to avert an impending crochet disaster by adding more color to my crochet project

Not to my delight, somehow I managed to lose my lucky needle while I was getting dinner made. The good news was, however, that I was able to locate my back-up chibi, still in it’s package from the store where I purchased it:

bent tipped yarn needles
Two bent-tip Clover needles and chibi from my emergency stash of crochet supplies

This allowed me to return to my outdoor office and resume the seemingly endless chore of weaving in ends:

crochet circles crochet squares
Crochet pieces for my 2010 state fair afghan in various states of completion

As summer races to a close, I need to maintain my focus as I work to complete this project, one square at a time:

eleven crochet squares
The long view of my 2010 state fair crochet project