Crochet elephant and crochet heart fever

As my regular readers know, I recently finished a large project, and then when it was done, I succumbed to the temptation that is Sarah Zimmerman’s (aka Repeat Crafter Me) elephant pattern. Going into the weekend, I continued my efforts to make more elephants and got a start on these nine:

nine crochet elephants
Nine crochet elephants to be

But weighing on my mind was the upcoming Saint Valentine’s Day holiday, and I found an equally tempting Boho heart pattern from Sandra at Cherry Heart.

Sorting through my large stash, I stumbled on one of my skeins of this relatively new Red Heart Super Saver color: Rouge.

rouge red heart super saver yarn
Red Heart Super Saver Rouge

It is a lovely red that tends toward blue and seemed to me perfect for crocheting hearts. Using a 4.5 mm hook and working from my very large stash, I got to work.

My first effort was problematic as I had been in such an excited hurry to get to making the heart, I had not read the directions carefully, and had managed to glide right over this note:

Written in UK terms, see chart below for USA translations.

As I had been working both from the written directions and from the chart, I was a bit confused by the fact that they did not seem to match. Eventually, I created a problem that sent me back to read the directions in their entirety, and once I had that sorted out I was quickly able to rectify the problems I had been having and get a couple of hearts made before sunset:

two boho crochet hearts
Two crochet boho hearts

I don’t have a clear crochet goal at the moment, but I know that as I work my hearts and elephants, things will sort themselves out, and in the meantime, will ply my craft, one stitch at a time.

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2 thoughts on “Crochet elephant and crochet heart fever

  1. Sometimes that’s more fun…small projects to “ply our trade” in between the bigger ones.
    Makes it more fun, I think – and helps keep us from getting bored…
    I sometimes put aside the larger ones and do a few small things – then I feel fresher and more ready to go back to the big one with more enthusiasm!

  2. Love the hearts too! Daughter and I figured out making crocheted flowers on buttons. I tried to send you the pattern but could not get it to you!

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