Crochet in the “grandma zone”

This coming January will mark twenty-two years since I learned to crochet, and a lot has changed since then. At the time, I had just had my third and final child, now a number of my friends seem to be in what I term “the grandma zone.” Whether they have children or grandchildren of their own, they find themselves in a different place, and I think of that place as “the grandma zone.”

As I like to say, “A grandchild is a terrible thing to waste,” and I am finding now that since not all grandmas crochet, I have a much needed skill that can be put to use, as I help fill in the crochet gaps where the existing grandma does not crochet, but the existing grandchild needs a hat (or a blanket or a toy), and I finished one such project this morning.

Regular readers may remember this granny square blanket that I finished in late August:

A thirty-six round great granny square that needs to be blocked, so it is not done, but it is done-ish
An almost travel ready great granny square

I made it for the granddaughter of a good friend from third grade, and I decided that while I was making crochet toddler hats, I might as well make one to coordinate with the blanket.

I was apparently working with a very strong crochet wind at my back and had a very good crochet day on Saturday, and–by late Saturday afternoon–it was all done except the braids.

Grandma zone crochet: A striped crochet toddler hat with earflaps

So when I got up this morning, I fortified myself with a strong cup of coffee, and got to work cutting the lengths of yarn I would need to complete the hat.

It isn’t quick work, but it is very meditative, and soon enough, yarn lengths were cut, braids were braided, and another crochet hat emerged from the grandma zone.

A striped crochet hat for a toddler with earflaps and braids.

With that hat completed, I ran some morning errands, stopping by a restaurant where I had lunch last Sunday. The waitress had admired the Viking hat I was crocheting, and I had offered to make one for her son, and I got a much appreciated hug for my efforts.

As for what’s next, I am looking toward making yet another crochet llama hat:

The start of a crochet llama hat worked in double crochet with off-white yarn

and I am working toward that goal as I always do: one stitch at a time.

One thought on “Crochet in the “grandma zone”

  1. Hi Leslie! I love the Viking hats and bless you for making the hat for the waitress’ child!

    The hat along with the great granny square blanket is perfect! I’m doing a granny square blanket in grey, silver, white, red and black. I met a gal online and her son and wife are having their first baby (a boy) in January and have decorated his room with a fire truck theme! I’m at 30 inches square so will hopefully get it there on time! So fun doing “grandma crocheting”!

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