Crochet mash up

I began my crochet day today with something of a clean slate.

Having finished organizing the two IKEA Expedit shelving units in my crochet empire/guest room, and having only decided what I will not do for my Non-threaded needlecraft afghan of 2 or more colors for the 2011 North Carolina State Fair and not what I will do, I found myself without a specific course of action for the day.

Not wanting to let the day slip away from me without having accomplished any crochet of note, I made a second set of four chair leg socks.

Using Red Heart Super Saver warm brown, a 3.75 mm hook, and a bent-tipped yarn needle from my trusty Clover chibi, I had enough socks for a second chair before it was time for lunch:

crochetbug, crochet chair leg socks, crochet socks, better living through crochet
Another chair’s worth of crochet chair leg socks

After rendering a second chair screech-free, I was ready for some color. I got out my Red heart Super Saver dark orchid and pumpkin along with an H hook and finished the last two of eight additional squares for what is now the Quadrant Blanket times three:

crochetbug, crochet blanket, crochet squares, granny squares, crochet afghan, crochet throw
The Quadrant Blanket times three

I have no clue what I will do for a border for this once the squares are joined, but I decided to worry over that another day and grabbed a pile of messy scraps, my J hook, and began work on yet another stash bag using my personal favorite stash bag pattern:

crochetbug, crochet stash bag, crochet stash basket, crochet bag, crochet basket, scrap yarn crochet, use what you have
Scrap stash bag

I will be spending most of my weekend indoors avoiding the double delight of 100+ºF temperatures and thunderstorms, so I expect that will leave me at least some time to join the squares of the Quadrant Blanket times three and give some thought as to what I will do for the state fair instead of just identifying what I won’t do.

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3 thoughts on “Crochet mash up

  1. I think the Quandrant blanket really looks fantastic now it’s bigger and it will be much more practical.

    Your stash bag is going to look so funky once it’s finished.

    I love the colours that you use they are so bright and vibrant.

  2. SO looking forward to the newest stash bag… was wondering if you finished all of the little crochet critters you were planning on sending off – imagined there might have been a class shot as it were….. Have an amazing weekend….

  3. Love the blanket. Where is the state fair in NC? Mom moved down there, but I bet she has never visited. I think she would love to see the hand made stuff.

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