Crochet redux: Can I Pinterest you in anything?

A note to my readers: This post first appeared on July 4, 2011 under the title “Can I Pinterest you in anything?” On July 29, 2011. My personal Pinterest account can be found here.

For those of you unfamiliar with Pinterest, it is probably best that you do something else entirely right now, but for those of us who have already been sucked in, the only thing to do is surrender.

I first came across Pinterest one day last week, clicked on the “Request an Invite” button in the upper left corner, and within hours, there was an invitation in my inbox.

I was delighted and quickly accepted the invitation and signed up (you need to have either a facebook or twitter account) then began my journey through the visual vortex that is Pinterest.

In no time I clicked on a series of pictures that linked to this video that details (in German) how to make a spiral square:

Summoning what little German remained from what I learned in high school, I attentively watched the video several times and the instructions were sufficiently visually clear that I am sure I will be able to learn to make the spiral squares, despite my lack of facility with the language:

Another visual delight that caught my fancy was this paisley motif made by Patti Haskins:

crochetbug, crochet paisley motif, crochet motif, pinterest
Patti Haskins’ crochet paisley motif

Working on and blogging about her crochet from Dallas, Texas, Ms. Haskins’ is definitely using the yarn crayon box I would like to have. If you want to read more about how she came to make this motif and the directions she used, you can read all about it right here.

For reluctant adopters such as myself any social media tool can be a little overwhelming at first, but I have already a seen and learned so much, I know I will be back.

3 thoughts on “Crochet redux: Can I Pinterest you in anything?

  1. Pinterest is the greatest! I go there just for a short browse and then find that I have been there for hours!

    I am completely hooked (pun intended) Lol!

  2. I think I have the patter for the paisley piece or one very similar…. and not sure but I know I have a chart at home that has the names of common crochet stitches in several languages so I can send a copy if German is on the list: when I return to NY on Tuesday…

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