Dante’s traffic circle of hell

Had Dante Alighieri begun work on the Divine Comedy in 2008 instead of 1308, he would have had to include in his opus the particular circle of hell that is after school pick up.

Usually, my youngest son rides the bus home from school. The bus stop is conveniently located on the corner where we live, so the process requires virtually no effort on my part.

Today, however, he had a trumpet lesson scheduled 42 minutes after school let out. There was no way for him to get home on the bus and guarantee us the 30 minutes needed to travel from our house to the trumpet lesson.

So after grabbing a late lunch I could eat in the car while I waited (as well as my state fair project stash bag), I drove to the school.

I arrived 10 minutes before classes were to be dismissed and got what constituted a pretty good place in what I term the “left-turn” line:

waiting to turn left
The view from my car as I wait to turn left

North Carolina does have a general statute that prohibits texting while driving, but it does not, as of yet, have a specific law prohibiting a driver from crocheting, so after I finished my lunch, I got out my crochet and chained 13 stitches for a rectangle I will use for the next addition to my state fair piece:

crocheting while waiting
I work on a Bauhaus crochet rectangle while waiting to turn left

Before the line finally began to move, and I could begin a new phase of waiting, I completed these two rectangles:

two crochet rectangles
What I got done while waiting in what would have been Dante’s 10th circle of hell if he had known about after school pick up

During the trumpet lesson and immediately after I got home, I was able to turn out 11 more Bauhaus rectangles for an even baker’s dozen:

thirteen crochet rectangles
A baker’s dozen of unruly crochet rectangles

Much of my day got eaten by errands today, but tomorrow, I have very few obligations, and I intend to use the time well so that I can continue to move this project forward.

5 thoughts on “Dante’s traffic circle of hell

  1. Oh how I wish I’d been addicted to crochet during ALL of the hours I spent waiting in my car for DD during French Horn lessons and play practice and gymnastics practice and marching band and…. IMAGINE the projects I could have completed!

    I read a lot of books, but when I think of the PROJECT time wasted! *sigh* Well done today, missy!

  2. I always have my crochet with me!! I have just said to my husband that when we go on holiday next week I will be crocheting whilst lying on the sunbed and NOT reading a book!!

  3. I’ve been following your progress on your state fair afghan and just wanted to tell you that it is going to be amazing. I love it!! It would be great to use up all the scrap yarn we all accumulate. Is there a pattern for how to assemble all the pieces or are you making it up as you go along? I read your blog every day – also love your stash bags.

  4. DSs bus stop is a 1/4 mile from the house and I can’t see it so I never let him walk it alone, he’s only 6. He rolls his eyes when I’m still in my pjs, carrying DD and my crochet stuff!!

    Glad I’m not the only one who takes croching everywhere w/ me too!

    Can’t wait to see new pics with the progress. Beautiful work!

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