Day 21 of 69

On day 21 of 69 of this year’s crochet season, I reviewed one of my stated goals:

to have a home that becomes more orderly and calm as my work on this year’s state fair project progresses rather than a home that devolves into irretrievable entropy as the due date approaches

and today, because I was unable to find a smaller textured triangle that I made using Red Heart With Love boysenberry, I took some time to work toward making my home more orderly before I began on my crochet proper.

It took some doing, and I was through more than half of this 21st day of 69 when I had gathered the pieces I could find into one place (put “like with like” says my favorite organizing guru, Hellen Buttigieg — although I’m not certain she would mean for me to put it on the breakfast bar), and tied all of the myriad little yarn scraps that were in my line of vision into one medium-sized ball of yarn scraps, I again turned my attention to the multi-color motifs.

Yesterday, I wove in ends on the center squares:

multicolor crochet squares
The one completed multi-color motif shown with center crochet squares waiting to be completed

Today, I finished the joining work on two of those squares:

crochet square motifs
I finish two more multicolor crochet square motifs

When I wake up tomorrow, I will have just 48 days between me and the date that this project must be finished. With 39 multi-color motifs still to be made (along with many single color pieces as well), I would nervous about the time left to complete this project, but I don’t have the time.

3 thoughts on “Day 21 of 69

  1. I have faith that you will finish your motifs. I am really enjoying watching your afghan being made and can’t wait to see it all come together.

  2. Just discovered your blog yesterday. Love your unique and colorful techniques; envy your patience weaving in all those ends! Wishing you luck at the state fair!

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