Eleven rounds to go

I recently realized that pandemic or no, time still goes way to fast for me to keep up, and nowhere is this more apparent than with the Hello Kitty inspired great granny square blanket I have been working on. There is a birthday deadline to be met, and when I got up this morning, I was hoping to close the gap between the twenty-two rounds I had completed and the thirty-six rounds to make it a finished blanket. By the time the sun set, I had managed to add three rounds which left “just” eleven rounds to go.

I worked the first of the three rounds I finished in a lavender color that I like when I see a skein of it, but which often gives me fits when trying to use it; it does not, I like to say, play nicely with other colors.

But working from the Hello Kitty book for inspiration, I saw it crop up again and again, and despite my doubts, I plowed forward–a 5.5 mm hook in my right hand, and a crochet tension regulator on my left.

To my delight and amazement, it worked!

Twenty-three rounds of what will be a thirty-six round multicolor granny square blanket

Now the only challenge would be to find a color for the next round.

Lucky for me, I had some Craft Smart Value fuchsia nearby, and while I had concerns, I was able to crochet right past them, and soon, I was just twelve rounds–albeit, increasingly larger rounds–from finishing, and the blanket was looking pretty good:

Twenty-four rounds of what will be a thirty-six round multicolor granny square blanket

Feeling confident, I consulted the Hello Kitty book yet again, and soon settled on a light teal that tends toward aqua:

Twenty-five rounds of a multicolor granny square blanket done; eleven rounds to go

With eleven rounds to go, I will, no doubt have at least eleven chances to think I that maybe I should have done it differently, but even with the doubts and indecision that await, I will move forward one stitch at a time.