Falling back: my 2014 stash down challenge

I am not the hugest fan of cold weather because it is — well — cold, but one thing I do enjoy about the fall is the Sunday that I get to set my clocks back and recover the hour that is stolen from me each spring.

This morning, the powerful effects of getting back that long lost hour meant that I woke up less tired and more ready to face the new season.

After I had attended to the many household tasks that needed attending to (among other things, my son’s marching band pants had some mud on them from a competition yesterday and needed to be scrubbed and washed), I was able to settle in do some crochet.

For the past several years, November has been the month that I challenge myself to use what is in my stash to make all of my crochet projects, and because of all the yarn I buy the other eleven months of the year, I usually have a lot to work this.

This year is no exception.

I started with my favorite hat for this time of year: Beth Hall’s Crochet Seafarer’s Cap.

Using a 5.5 mm or “I” hook instead of the H hook called for in the pattern (I am making it for a larger head), I got out a skien of a discontinued Red Heart With Love color that I had in my stash and got to work.

Here is how it looked in the early afternoon when I set it aside so I could so some other things:

crochet hat
I start on a caramel colored seafarer’s cap.

The other things I set it aside for were the flowers that will decorate my second rendition of Zelna Oliver’s “Road Trip” scarf.

I had set them aside while they still needed buttons sewn on in their centers, and today, I tracked down needle and thread and got to work.

As always, I was slower than I had expected, but I did get all of the buttons attached and will make attaching the flowers to the scarf tomorrow’s crochet priority:

eight crochet flowers
Eight flowers for my second road trip scarf with buttons secured

My plan from here until the end of November will be to use what yarns I have in my stash to create things that I (and those I care about) can use and enjoy, and maybe (just maybe) I will create a more well-ordered house in the process.

3 thoughts on “Falling back: my 2014 stash down challenge

  1. I’ve made a few of the seafarer caps. They are really nice and “manly” looking but they seem to take a long time to make. Yours is looking very nice.

  2. I love the cap and immediately added the free pattern to my collection in Adobe. It will be the perfect thing made, as you did with a larger hook, for one of my sons-in-house law. The regular hook should do for the rest of the sils, as well as our nearly grown grandsons. Where has the time gone…?

    Have gotten a good start on organizing my craft space and rediscovered some yarns that have my motor revving (c;

    Happy Stash-Busting!

  3. I have to say I think the day we get that extra hour of sleep is one of my favorites of the year! lol Thank you for sharing the pattern for the hat. Since the colder weather has set in I’ve been looking forward to makings some hats, scarves and mittens. This hat looks perfect for the guys in my life 🙂

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