Fun with flowers and permutations

With so many partially completed projects to choose from, it can be difficult to pick just one to work on, but today, I did just that andĀ again turned my attention to my groovyghan, and used the math I used to teach to middle school students to figure out the flowers and permutations.

Choosing from the seven Red Heart Super Saver colors I had used in the dot motifs (cherry red, shocking pink, pumpkin, bright yellow, spring green, delft, and dark orchid), I decided to move onto the flower motifs.

Composed of 3 colors each, the potential arrangement of colors for the flowers number 210.

Despite that daunting number, I was able to settle on the first three colors I would use, the order in which I would use them, and with my trusty 4.5mm Etimo hook in hand, I got to work

I started by making a shocking pink center, and from there, I used the pumpkin for the multi-layered petals of the flower:

textured crochet flower for the center of a crochet square
My first crochet flower motif for a crochet blanket

After weaving in all of the ends, I got out the delft and began the transition from dimensional flower to granny square. Here is a detail of the work I did:

Detail of my first of seven crochet flowers and permutations
Detail of my first of seven crochet flowers and permutations

and here is a more comprehensive view:

crochet blanket crochet flower motif
My first groovyghan crochet flower motif

I enjoy the elegant simplicity of this design; each new element I work on is my favorite.

I can hardly wait to see how these pieces come together.

6 thoughts on “Fun with flowers and permutations

  1. oh the joy of it all! Perfect for a little darling – like my granddaughter – I’ve a bag full of hot colors for her newly painted room and think I will attempt one!!! BRILLIANT in a word!

    1. Absolutely! Anyone lucky enough to have a granddaughter to crochet for has an obligation to learn. I think the groovyghan would be a spectacular way to welcome a little girl into the world.

  2. I can’t wait to be able to make a groovyghan. It’s a ways down my queue, unfortunately. So many projects, so little time!

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