Goodnight Irene

After a week spent waiting (at the orthodontist on Monday, at my youngest son’s high school orientation on Tuesday, at My son’s trumpet lesson on Wednesday, and today with my mom’s dog while she went to the doctor), it is exceptionally fitting that I am spending my Friday night waiting for a hurricane to make landfall.

I will know by tomorrow morning if my preparations were adequate.

In the meantime, I gathered together the Bauhaus rectangles and blocks I made during this past week of waiting that I had not already photographed.

Here is a photo of the squares:

nine crochet squares
A nine-patch of Bauhaus crochet squares

and here is a photo of the rectangles:

crochet rectangles
A dozen Bauhaus crochet rectangles

After I photographed evidence of this week’s modest progress, I made a complete inventory of all of the pieces I have made thus far to get a better idea of how I am going to have to schedule my time over the next 45 days if I am going to complete this project by the October 10, 3:00 pm deadline.

The results were more than a little sobering.

I need a total of 1352 pieces: 676 rectangles and an equal number of squares.

I currently have 163 rectangles and 87 squares; this means that there is a lot of work yet to do and that I am going to have to set aside things that can wait and let them wait. It also wouldn’t hurt if I could harness the energy of this impending hurricane and use it to complete more of the pieces I need.

But in as much as I am unable to convert the energy that will be unleashed into the rectangles and squares I need, I will have to proceed as so many crocheters before me have: one stitch at a time.

5 thoughts on “Goodnight Irene

  1. Reading about you wanting to harness the power of the hurricane made my think of the wind powered knitting machine that someone set up to knit scarves. I just wonder how many scarves it could knit during a hurricane.

  2. Good luck with finishing. I finally finished one of my Christmas afghans I never thought was going to be done.

    Our preparations were not as good as I had hoped. We need to purchase a generator before the next storm.

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