How I spent my weekend

When the sun rose on Friday, I hit the ground running, but none of the running I did brought me any closer to finishing what is supposed to be my 2018 North Carolina State Fair crochet project. As Friday ended, it was clear that if I were going to get it done, it was all going to be about how I spent my weekend.

So Saturday, I got up, made a pot of coffee, got out my tools and my yarn and my project, and went to work. And now, after having spent most of weekend on the deck of our apartment working one stitch and then another, the project is almost all done.


The part that is not done is this unadorned crochet crazy quilt piece:

A crochet crazy quilt piece in need of a crochet locket
A crochet crazy quilt piece in need of a crochet locket

I still have work to do on a crochet representation of a locket that was given to my paternal grandmother on the occasion of her 17th birthday, and which, at the time of her death, housed this photo of my father:

locket photo
A photo of my father as a young boy in grandmother’s locket

But rather than worry about that, I turned my attention to things I could get done and spent most of the weekend tricking out the three last pieces of the center crochet crazy quilt panel and the many unadorned seams. By late afternoon on Saturday, I had all of the crochet crazy quilt pieces of the center panel seamed into place:

The crochet crazy quilt panel
The crochet crazy quilt panel

While there was still comparatively a lot of time to get the last bits done, I needed to make use of the entire weekend, so last night, after I had fortified myself with coffee, I crocheted two rounds of granny shells so the center could easily be joined to the other eight panels, and this morning, I was ready to do exactly that:

An overview of where I was on the morning of the last day of my weekend
An overview of where I was on the morning of the last day of my weekend

It was slow work, but eventually, I was halfway through the joining, and it was clear it was going to work just fine, so I stopped and finished tricking out the remaining seams of the center panel.

Eventually, I finished those as well, and I picked up my hook and got back to the joining, and I was very excited to finally get to the last six stitches:

Six stitches to go!
Six stitches to go!

By this time tomorrow, this project will be in the ta-done column, and all that will be left to do is to take it into the state fair and figure out how I will spend my weekends now that the project is finished.

7 thoughts on “How I spent my weekend

  1. OMG, how did i miss that this was a centerpiece for an even bigger quilt?? Wowzer, i guess maybe since i am new, i missed that crucial part. I knew you were doing a lot of squares but da-umm girl ….. hadno idea how many and what you were doing with them. Cant wait to see the full piece ❤

  2. Wow!! This is such an amazing, impressive project!! I’d love to see it in person. The hours you’ve spent!!!

  3. so happy to see you have finished this project. I hope you win the fair please show the finished piece and the ribbons when you win.

  4. Congrats!!! It is such a great feeling to finish a project, isn’t it? I can’t wait to see a picture of the whole crazy quilt!!!

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