I attempt to generate some motif mojo

Tuesday, as I was writing my new blog post, I began to experience some state fair project panic, and I needed some motif mojo to seem through.

I know what I want to make.

I know how many pieces I need to crochet and how I will assemble them.

I have all of the yarn I intend to use and all the tools I need transform the yarn into the motifs I will need to finish the project, but the one thing I am always concerned I will lack is the one thing I cannot buy: time.

So yesterday, I made a concerted effort to focus all of my attention on making the motifs I will need to assemble the project.

Because it was overcast and the light was, for most of the day, not all that good, I put most of my efforts toward making the large single-color textured squares. I need a total of 30, as of yesterday, I had 18. Yesterday and today, I finished work on 5 new ones:

textured crochet squares
Five new single color textured crochet squares

and I am now just 7 large single-color textured squares away from what I will need.

Today, however, most of my crochet time was spent working on the mutli-color motifs.

They are what defines this project and each one takes time and attention.

The center square of the motif requires multiple yarn changes and generates 10 ends to be woven in. From there, I add four single-color textured rectangles and four small single-color textured squares, and while I have devised a method that minimizes the number of ends to be woven in, when all is said and done, each multi-color motif is comprised of 13 colors with 26 ends to be woven in.

Here is where I was with the mutli-color motifs when I went to bed on Tuesday:

crochet square motifs
I finish two more multicolor crochet square motifs

and here is the progress I made over the last couple of day:

Five multicolor crochet square motifs completed with the help of motif mojo
Five multicolor crochet square motifs completed with the help of motif mojo

While tomorrow’s forecast calls for “mostly cloudy skies,” my hope is that enough sunshine gets through that I am able to finish work on the three remaining motifs pictured and make meaningful progress on the 36 additional multi-color motifs I will need to complete this project.

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