I complete four rows of a shawl, and the Tetrisghan resurfaces

This weekend, when I was not doing other things, I spent most of my time working on the first of two shawls I am making.

When I last wrote about the shawl, I was preparing to add a 15th and 16th row.

Over the weekend I not only finished crocheting both of those rows and weaving in the ends, I also managed to add a 17th and 18th row, so now both shawls are 18 rows long.

To get an idea of how a shawl will look when it is completed, I laid them end-to-end:

two crochet shawls made from join as you go crochet flowers
The two crochet shawls to be laid end to end

So now that I have reached the visual halfway point of both projects, I can see my way to the end of each, but Inow, I have enough experience to that when I finish a project, I doesn’t always mean the project is finished with me.

Case in point.

In February of 2013, I began work on a piece I called a Tetrisghan.

Based on the video game, Tetris, it was an idea that had been bouncing around my head for quite awhile, and as I waited for winter to end and for spring to begin, I took pencil to paper tried to figure out how I would place the tetriminos (which I had yet to mak) so that they would fill a 10 unit by 22 unit array:

graph of a Tetris inspired crochet blanket made from crochet squares
A crochet project for March

Eventually those scribblings on paper were transformed into crocohet, and fter spending more time on the project than I had expected to, I finished it.

Here is how it looked:

Tetris inspired crochet blanket composed of crochet squares
The completed crochet Tetrisghan

To my delight, the Tetris community gave the Tetris inspired blanket a warm reception, and this past Friday, when Tetris celebrated its 30th anniversary, two of the images from my Tetrisghan adventure were included in a video, and if you are careful not to blink, you will be able to see it at just round 50 seconds in.

Tetris 30th Anniversary Video – June 6, 2014 from Tetris on Vimeo.

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  1. That is so cool!!! The tetrisghan is seriously awesome, so it deserves to be honored. You are amazing! The shawls look beautiful….

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