I continue work on the “Road Trip” scarf

After so much time spent working on my 2014 North Carolina State Fair project, the feeling of being able to work on something else is quite heady and today, using my 3.5mm Clover Amour crochet hook and Zelna Olivier’s free pattern, my “Road Trip” scarf adventured continued.

The name of the project is perfect as it is just the right size for stuffing into one’s bag so that one has something to work on while out running errands. It would also be perfect for traveling by air or train, or (as I did later in the day) waiting in a parking lot.

While I did make several missteps along the way that led me to do some frogging (I want this scarf to be perfect), overall, I made substantial progress that was quite satisfying.

Here is an overview of the scarf shortly before sunset:

purple crochet scarf
An overview of my rendition of the “Road Trip” crochet scarf

And here it is lounging on the rail of the deck:

future crochet scarf
The “Road Trip” crochet scarf to-be surveys the yard

With each row, I get a little bit closer to what I think of the “tricking out” portion of the project, where the scarf is made even more unique with decorative elements, and I plan to use that as an opportunity to personalize the scarf for its intended recipient.

And now that the state fair project is in my crochet rearview mirror, there is nothing to do but enjoy the exhilaration of working in on my first “Road Trip” scarf.

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