I finish a pet bed for Oreo

Yesterday I got almost nothing done.

I barely even crocheted.

Late Tuesday afternoon I had taken advantage of the gorgeous spring weather and sat out on the deck admiring the view and breathing in pollen.

My eyes began to water, and soon I found myself quite sneezy.

Although I went in the house and did all of the things that usually help me stave off an allergic reaction, by the time I started to manage things, the wheels had been set in motion, and while I was able to alleviate some of the symptoms, others I just had to ride out.

So this morning, in the wake of a full day of doing nothing (or at least nothing that really mattered to me), I was bound and determined to get something done.

To that end, I got out my 5.5 mm hook, tracked down some white acrylic yarn, retrieved the two “cookies” I had crocheted and blocked for a pet bed for my neighbor’s dog, Oreo, and I got to work.

I started by crocheting the cream filling to the bottom cookie.

One round, then another, and another, until finally, it looked about right:

a crochet pet bed that looks like an Oreo cookie
I finish crocheting the cream filling for the crochet pet bed

Then, using two strands of yarn (as I had for all of the crocheting) I whip stitched the top cookie to the cream filling.

When I had gotten about 5/7ths of the way around, I began to add some fiber fill, fluffing, and then stuffing.

Soon it was done, and I was able to get this hurry-up photo before it was time to get dinner:

a crochet pet bed that looks like an Oreo cookie for a dog named Oreo
The crochet pet bed, ready for Oreo to use

I don’t usually enjoy working in neutral colors, and there was a time when I was working on the cookies that the lack of red, orange, purple and other colors that sustain me made it difficult to move forward, but now that the pet bed is done, I am very glad to have made it, and if Oreo enjoys it just one-tenth as much as I enjoyed making it, then that will be more than enough.


10 thoughts on “I finish a pet bed for Oreo

  1. It would be great to see a picture of Oreo on the pet bed. The cookie bed is just perfect!

  2. That turned out so cute!!! I agree, now we need a picture of Oreo enjoying the bed. 🙂 🙂

  3. Can we declare a quorum and move to see a photo of said dog on object cookie bed?

  4. I am sorry you have bad allergies! I get them too 🙁 on the upside, the Oreo bed is adorable. You did a really good job of not increasing too much to make it all wavy. Sometimes my flat circles get like that.

  5. I love the dog bed. My mother in law passed away last year and we now have her dog which her name is Oreo. I’m going to have to make this

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