I finish rows 12 and 13 of the cookieghan and make progress on row 8

Today I once again turned my crochet attention to the cookieghan, specifically, rows 12 and 13.

Last Friday, I had been working on row 9, as well as rows 12 and 13, and as I prepared to join the last of the three remaining cookies needed to complete row 12, I noticed a mistake in row 13 which necessitated some frogging.

Today, I finished work on that bit of crochet remediation as can be seen in this photo of the finally completed rows 12 and 13:

two rows of crochet cookies
Rows 12 and 13

I then worked to add row 8 to row 9 and made modest, but measurable, progress as seen in this photo along with the two rows I had just completed:

rows of crochet cookies
Rows 9, 12, 13, and part of 8

Curious to see how the completed parts of the cookieghan looked when assembled, I laid them all out:

rows of crochet cookies
Rows 1 through 5, part of 8 and all of 9, 12 and 13

Tomorrow is the first day of what will probably be the busiest week of my summer until the start of school and all of the attendant meetings and shopping that accompany the beginning of the academic year.

But despite the busy-ness of this week, it is my fervent desire to finish the cookieghan, and in between errands and during those moments that I am able to actually wait in the waiting rooms I will be touring, I hope that a couple of cookies attached here and a few ends woven in there, will, by the end of the week, add up to one completed cookieghan.

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  1. Like You looking forward to seeing it completed!!!! Wondering whether or not this piece will require a border…..

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