I get serious

Toward the beginning of the movie, Legally Blonde, Elle Woods beau, Warner Huntington III, finds himself at point in his life where he finds that it’s “time to get serious,” which is exactly where I found myself today.

April ended two days ago, and while I was vaguely aware that a new month had begun, the full implications of this fact did not hit me until today.

Not only is not not March (the month I had scheduled to devote to — and finish — the Tetrisghan), April is over as well, and I have at least three major projects (not including the Tetrisghan) I want to complete over the next six months.

The bottom line?

I need to get the Tetrisghan done as soon as possible so that I can move forward on the other projects that I want to do and which have various deadlines to be met.

With that in mind, I concentrated my crochet efforts on making more crochet tetrominos.

I knew that the afternoon would bring with it unavoidable errands (A special thank you to Savvi Formalwear for getting me a replacement for my youngest son’s missing cufflink!) that needed to be run in order to get my youngest son ready for a music festival he is attending, but by ten o’clock this morning, I had done most of the “must do” household chores and was ready to begin my crochet day.

As I got out my 5.5 mm hook and a stash of yarn, I wondered just how much I could get done.

By the time the sun set on my day my crochet inventory was as follows:

Two each of three of the tetrominos:

crochet tetrominos
Two each: I, J, and L crochet tetrominos

one each of two of the tetrominos:

crochet tetrominos
One S and one Z crochet tetrominos

and two halves and one whole of two additional tetrominos:

crochet tetrominos
One half of a T and one and one-half Os crochet tetrominos

for a grand total of ten new tetrominos.

Here are the day’s new tetriminos with most of the previous tetrominos:

crochet tetrominos
Group photo of most of the crochet tetrominos

This weekend I need to get busy and complete the layout of the second panel so that I can begin to assemble the second panel of the Tetrisghan.

In the movie, Legally Blonde, Warner’s decision to “get serious” leads him down a path that is his undoing while at the same time forcing Elle onto a path that leads her to several successes.

I don’t know where my attempt to “get serious” will take me, but I am sure it will be an adventure to remember, and if you haven’t had the pleasure of hearing the song, “Serious,” here is a recording I found: