I get some news about the NC State Fair finish Dotghan .25 and

This past Friday, after all of the hubbub and busy-ness of the past week, I spent a leisurely evening at my nearby LYS, Yarn Tree Studio, working on my latest front burner project: Dotghan .25 and I also got some news about the NC State Fair

While I made modest but measurable progress on the preemie-sized, it turned out that one of my crochet compatriots that evening had already been to the state fair.

I asked her how Cookieghan 2.0 had done.

“Do you really want to know?” she asked. Her question made me even more curious.

“Yes,” I assured her, “I really want to know.”

Cookieghan 2.0 had gotten second place in its category, and I was thrilled.

I knew that this year’s piece was going to be a real stretch for the judges of Department Y who would be evaluating my piece. The project has almost no drape, there are gaps in the fabric, and cookies themselves are not flat, but have a hint of dimension so that they look like cookies, and I topped it all off with a not widely used joining method.

In another surprise to me, Dotghan 1.0 took first in it’s category of crochet baby blankets of two or more colors.

Knowing that Dotghan 1.0 was able to sway the judges of Department Y gives me some confidence that the idea of the Dotghan series is one whose time has come, and I spent the rest of the weekend working to finish the preemie-size blanket I call Dotghan .25

Here is the progress I had made as of this morning:

Dotghan .25 as of this morning
Dotghan .25 as of this morning

I worked on it feverishly throughout the rest of the day, appliqueing the dots as quickly and efficiently as I could. I even took the project with me to Carolina Ballet’s production “A Balanchine Celebration featuring Rubies,” and it turned out that the afternoon was time well-spent all the way around.

I got to enjoy the production, and I finished Dotghan .25 with enough time to get this photo in the waning daylight:

crochetbug, crochet circles, crochet dots, applique crochet, preemie crochet blanket
Dotghan .25

Now that I have finished one of the myriad unfinished objects in my crochet empire, I will need to choose another from my list of long overdue crochet projects and work to finish them, one stitch at a time.

10 thoughts on “I get some news about the NC State Fair finish Dotghan .25 and

  1. Congratulations on 2nd place, even though everyone I know all assumed and were routing for you to get the big Blue Ribbon. Well I guess there’s next year. I gave you a Blue Ribbon for it cause you worked harder than anyone else. Congrats! Great Job!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! 2 ribbons, 1st and 2nd places. WOW!!!!! You amaze me. Savor the moment and then get going on next year’s project.
    I love following your progress.

  3. Congrats! Yeah, good job. Thanks for keeping us posted; I love to see your projects! I still think you should have gotten the King’s award for the dotghan 2.0!

  4. Congratulations on your 1st and 2nd ribbons, so happy for you.
    On a different not, I am having a Halloween Birthday party for master 6 on Sunday, with 30 + kids coming, do you have any ideas for savory halloween food ?

  5. Congratulations on both wins! So proud of your ongoing accomplishments. And I love the idea that you are opening up the judges’ minds to new ways of looking at the world of crochet.
    It seems that we crocheters are in the midst of a creative boon. Yesterday, I spent a good deal of time on YouTube being wowed by new ideas and designs. Was especially impressed by the flower-work at sheruknitting.com where a young Russian fiber artist is crocheting 3D flowers, the likes of which I have never seen before. English translations are available for both the videos and patterns. If you get a minute, you’re sure to be impressed.
    Once again, congratulations on your ribbons!

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