I heart crochet

In as much as I have managed to accomplish almost everything I said I would never do, I am confident that at some point between my birth and January 1998 when I first took up the hook, I must have said that I would never crochet.

When I finally did get an introduction to the craft twelve-and-a-half years ago, I had no idea what a long and interesting journey it would be. I am sure that I thought that what there was to be learned about crochet was finite in nature and that I would be able to master it in some discrete period of time, make the things I needed to make, and then move on.

Instead, it has become a consuming passion, and I unapologetically love crochet.

So, today, after I had done all of the niggly things that needed doing, I sat down with a 4.5mm hook and some off-white and orange acrylic yarn that made me think of orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream to try my hand at a wonderful heart pattern I had found at ravelry.

Designed by Carola Wijma, Grandma’s Heart is available as a free download to all ravelry members. If you haven’t already joined the community, this pattern alone makes it worth the effort.

Here is my first try:

crochet heart
Orange and white crochet heart

According to Carola’s blurb about this heart, she developed this design as the result of SOITA MUMMOLLE – Mind the Seniors, a project aimed at making people aware of the issue of seniors’ loneliness.

I think that Carola Wijma’s contribution to the project is gorgeous and if you want to see more of her work, you can go to her blog, or find her at ravelry where she is carolaellen1955, and if you want to learn more about Mind the Seniors and how you can contribute or participate, you can learn more here.

2 thoughts on “I heart crochet

  1. I thank you for posting about Mind The Seniors, it’s a great cause. I’m taking care of my mother who, even though I’m in the same house, gets very lonely whenever I’m not sitting right next to her. lol. I used to work in a convalescent hospital where I saw so many elderly people suffer in lonely silence, heart broken that their own children did not come to visit when they said they would. So sad. Thank you again, I’m going to blog about Aug. 11 and hopefully get a few people to call their elderly relative or friend!

    1. I’m glad to do it. So much socializing is done through social networking, it is easy to forget that as a method, it doesn’t suit everyone and doesn’t meet every need.

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