I inadvertently re-perfect the Lemonades inspired crochet cookie

Today started with enough warmth and sunshine that by ten o’clock this morning the weather was ideal for sitting outside and crocheting.

Happily, I took advantage of the opportunity because by early afternoon, a few clouds had moved in, and the temperature was once again too chilly to comfortably sit outside and work.

I had used the time to work on the crochet cancer awareness ribbons project, but when I moved inside I switched gears and started back to work on the cookie-dough-ku.

Here is how far I had gotten with it as of just before sunset yesterday:

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The cookie-dough-ku as of sunset, March 12, 2013

Today, after I had finished weaving in and trimming some renegade ends and squaring-off and joining a few of the cookies, I grabbed my hook and got to work crocheting yet another yellow cookie inspired by the lemon-flavored Girl Scout shortbread cookie known as Lemonades™.

This particularly cookie is one of my favorites, and I have struggled to create one that is not too complicated to crochet and at the same time captures the essence of this delightful baked confection. I had come up with a version that I thought was pretty good:

three ever so slightly wonky crochet lemonades
Three lemonades

but when I started making one today, I did not have my notes handy, and rather than make the long trek upstairs to get notebook, I worked from memory and what emerged was a less wonky, more Lemonades™-like version.

Here is the front:

a lemonades inspired crochet cookie for a crochet sudoku
The front of the newly perfected Lemonades

and here is how it looked when it was completed:

a crochet cookie inspired by lemonades
The recently perfected Lemonades completed

Then, just barely before sunset, I got this group photo of the new and improved cookie along with all of the others:

four new crochet lemonades for a crochet cookie sudoku
The cookie dough ku as of March 13, 2103 with four new lemonades crocheted

For one moment it did cross my mind that I “should” remove and replace the three original Lemonades™-like cookies that I had crocheted earlier in the month, but then reason (after a fashion) prevailed, and I decided that these three slightly askew lemon yellow cookies can only enhance the project as they are visible evidence of the value of persistence and a reminder that sometimes notes are simply a record of where you have been, and not necessarily a map of where you are going.