I start on a pink scrap yarn granny square

As 2019 draws to a close, I find that every crochet project I work on leads to yet another crochet project that makes a compelling and valid claim on my time, and today’s winner was a pink scrap yarn granny square.

I have a goal of making five monochrome scrap yarn granny squares to protect my sofa and two upholstered chairs from the seemingly endless animal hair generated by my pets. I settled on the monochrome scheme because it doesn’t require as much thought as to which color goes where, and I though it would look better when it came time to put the cozies on the cushions.

I had another goal in addition to protecting the upholstery from pet hair with my granny square scrap yarn sofa/upholstered chair cozy project, (made using this granny square pattern and some of my myriad yarn scraps), and that was to take the many bits of yarn that don’t otherwise have a purpose and turning them into something functional.

So today, while I was working my way through a pile of scraps that were within arm’s reach, I came across enough pink scrap yarn, that I had almost five rounds worth for a new granny square:

The start of a pink scrap yarn granny square

But sooner than I would have expected, I ran out of pink within arm’s reach, and I was soon back to workin on the yellow and green squares as well.

Here is how they looked all lined up in a row:

Three scrap yarn granny squares worked in yellow, green, and pink.
Three scrap yarn granny squares all in a row

And here is how they looked one on top of the other:

Three scrap yarn granny squares with the pink scrap yarn square on top
Three “nested” scrap yarn granny squares

I’m not sure that I have enough upholstered furniture to to use up all of my yarn scraps, but I will continue forward, one stitch at a time so I can find out where this journey will lead.