I’m in

These words are so easy to say and so easy to type, that when an opportunity to participate in creating something special for a fellow crafter came along, the words were in a reply message and sent before I had a chance to consider what I was doing.

So, today, I thought I had better check my messages to see what exactly it was I had agreed to do. Thankfully, the task was fairly simple and easy to fit into a day that while free of errands, was not free of other, non-crochet obligations.

The project itself is going to be composed of mitered squares which will then be joined. After that, the entire thing will be felted. The mission I agreed to accept was to make one 12″x12″ mitered square which would be part of the larger piece.

Using a pattern for a Worsted – Mitered Squares Afghan from the Bernat.com website (the pattern is free with registration), a J hook, and a feltable worsted weight yarn (in this case, Patons Classic Wool in the tealish blue color called Peacock), I set to work.

In relatively short order, I had completed the square:

My "I'm in" crochet square contribution to a larger crochet project
My “I’m in” crochet square contribution to a larger crochet project

While the creating of a piece can be solitary, crafting has, at its core, a shared and social nature.

Crocheters can only make themselves so many hats and so many blankets.

At some point, we make something for someone else, be it a scarf, or mittens, a tote, or a shawl, and it is this component of crafting that I think appeals to so many, the opportunity to share what we have learned, and in the process, we hope, to share a better part of ourselves, so when I have the time and the yarn, I am going to err on the side of “I’m in!”