In the pink

Yesterday, a package arrived from Debbie Brandt of Circle B Alpacas fame.

Two weekends ago I traveled to Edwardsville, Illinois to visit family. As I have mentioned previously, while I was there, I found this crochet friendly yarn shop:

knit one, weave too
Knit One, Weave Too, Edwardsville, Illinois

and I also found the Circle B Alpacas:

An inflation of alpacas
An inflation of alpacas

In addition to meeting the alpacas, I also spied some pink yarn that Debbie Brandt (co-owner of Circle B Alpacas with her husband Richard) had spun on the spinning wheel in her living room. After I returned from my trip to Illinois, I was able to contact Debbie directly, and to my delight she agreed to sell the yarn to me.

As I mentioned, it arrived yesterday:

pink handspun yarn
My first handspun 80% alpaca 20% merino yarn from Debbie Brandt

As can be seen from the photo, it is gorgeous, and while I was able to resist temptation for 24 hours, I have my limits, and today, after a morning spent working on my 2011 North Carolina State Fair project, I succumbed, and wound the skeins into balls of yarn, got out my L hook along with my copy of Eileen Tepper’s Newsboy hat pattern and set to work.

Unfortunately, I did not complete the hat while there was still light to take a picture, but on the upside it looks as lovely as I had thought it would, and tomorrow as soon as there is enough sunlight, I will be able to photograph my lovely new hat (which I will be able to enter in the state fair in the category for hats made from handspun yarn) and include it in tomorrow night’s blog post.

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  1. Cool! Can’t wait to see it. I luckily found an L hook @ Joann Fabrics. I had been looking for one for awhile.

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