In which I nearly finish the sangria crochet purse

My current front burner project — a crochet purse based on Square C-1 from the Better Homes & Gardens Granny Square Sampler — is proceeding at it’s own pace.

I had thought that I might be able to finish it today.

All that was left to do was to weave in and trim to ends on the body of the future crochet purse:

granny square crochet purse with ends woven in
A granny square crochet purse in progress with the ends woven in

(which I did quickly and without incident),

sew two straight seams one inch in length across the bottom corner of either side of the fabric lining:

The fabric lining of a crochet purse
The fabric lining of a crochet purse gusseted and ready to go

(which, like the weaving in of ends that comprised the first step, I did quickly and without incident),

and then insert the lining into the crochet purse and pin the wrong side of the fabric lining to the wrong side of the crochet purse:

(this step, like the previous two was dispatched quickly and without incident):

crochet purse with a fabric lining pinned in place
The fabric lining pinned into the crochet purse

The next, and presumably penultimate step, was to sew the fabric lining to it’s crochet purse shell, and it was here that I realized I had not thought through exactly how I would attach the straps.

Inspired by a a boho watch featured in an ad that was served up to me several weeks ago while I was online, I had decided that I wanted the purse “strap” not to be a single strap, but rather a collection of strands of crochet, twisted yarn, and whatever else caught my fancy, that would somehow all be brought together in a coherent and unified whole — like the watch band of the boho watch I had so admired — but as I finished work on the two most recent twisted yarn additions to my purse strap vision:

lengths of twisted yarn for a crochet purse strap
Two more strands of twisted yarn for a crochet purse strap

(which I think work wonderfully well with the crochet and twisted yarn stands already completed)

Four strands of a strap for a crochet purse strap
Four strands of a strap for the crochet purse

I realized that figuring out how I was going to attach them would determine whether securing the lining or securing straps was the penultimate step, but it could not be both.

So when the sun rises on tomorrow, I will make a few more strands for the strap, with the hope that as I do, the order of the last two steps of the project will be revealed to me.

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