In which I pick up my 2014 North Carolina State Fair project

Perhaps Julia Child said it best when she said:

The measure of achievement is not winning awards. It’s doing something that you appreciate, something you believe is worthwhile.

This year, my state fair entry did not garner any ribbon, but I am still pleased with what I did, and after having picked it up from the fair yesterday, today I took a moment to review it while I was out on the back deck enjoying one of the last warm afternoons of autumn:

granny square crochet blanket
My state fair project at home, lounging on the back deck

There are a few things I would have done had I had more time. I would have appliquéd geraniums to the flower bed around the porch. I would have added pomegranates to the pomegranate trees. I would have included the cord of the clothes line, and if all of that went well, I would at least contemplate adding figs to the fig tree.

But this project was not inspired by a the promise of a blue ribbon, it was inspired by my grandmother’s life, and an overwhelming and long-lived desire of mine to find a way to tell her story, and while I did not garner a blue ribbon for my crochet efforts, I do believe I succeeded in finding a way to share my grandmother’s story, and I hope that other crocheters will be inspired to use this technique to tell whatever stories they have that might need telling.

While I contemplated this year’s state fair piece and thought about the elements I would have added if I had had the time, I made some flowers to be used in tricking out my second “Road Trip” scarf. I even went so far as to venture into my yarn annex in search of buttons to be used in decoration, and I think it was worth the effort:

crochet scarf with crochet flowers
My second road trip scarf, blocked and with decorative components

Satisfied that I had exactly the right number of flowers and had picked out exactly the right buttons with which to decorate them, I then went back to making chair leg socks.

Having done a count earlier in the day, I knew that I was 13 chair leg socks shy of what was needed to replace all of the chair leg socks on the chairs in my kitchen, so I got to work, and while I was not able to remain as diligent as I would have liked, I did complete five of them, leaving me just two chairs shy of finishing:

crochet chair leg socks
Five chair leg socks, all in a row

And when I get done with the chair leg socks and am a bit more caught up with everything that did not get done while I was working on my state fair project, I think that I will revisit the project and, like the “Road Trip” scarf, trick it out just a bit more.

9 thoughts on “In which I pick up my 2014 North Carolina State Fair project

  1. I love your State Fair project and the chair scocks are so cool reading about it was great you are so personable I love how you write

  2. You can always take the time now to add in the little details to the state fair project.

    Blue ribbon or not, you made a wonderful keepsake full of memories. That in itself is a blue ribbon.

  3. As always, your work is beautiful and inspiring. But sometimes there’s something more important than winning the blue ribbon. You know you can do that – You’ve already done it. But to take the memories of a relationship and a shared love from your heart and translate into such a beautiful piece of work, this is the true mark of an artist.

    I remain in awe…

  4. I agree with everyone else — your project is a beautiful item, as well as a beautiful tribute to your grandmother! And now you can add the extra touches, if you want. I am inspired to attempt a similar project — not for a fair, but just to “solidify” some of my favorite memories!

  5. You’ve accomplished a family-inspired work of art. It deserves to be finished, down to the very last minute detail; anything you can think of – laundry on the clothesline, jars of jam on the cupboard, etc. Don’t forget to use a running stitch for your family name and date on the front. This is an amazing heirloom! Hang it on the wall in a cool, shady area to help preserve it. It’s so lovely; you did a wonderful “blue-ribbon” job!

  6. I am quite intimidated by your awesome state fair entry last year and even more shocked it did not garner a ribbon. I just started crocheting Feb 2014 and am enjoying it, but now weary of trying to submit a project for the fair. =) Yours is a wonderful piece!

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