Java Jammie

After looking over Berroco’s website yesterday, I decided to try my hand at the Java Jammie after I successfully completed dog sitting duties for my mother’s elderly shih tzu, Toby:

Berroco Java Jammie

Toby is a one-person dog, and as it happens, I am not that one person. Every time I have dog sitting duties and he does not growl at me, I consider it a resounding success worthy of a celebratory latté. If he does growl at me, I then need a cappuccino to fortify my resolve for the next time.

Either way I get coffee.

While I was putting a cardboard jacket on today’s coffee cup, it occurred to me that it would behoove me to crochet a jacket that could be reused. So, when I got home I sat down with the nearest available yarn (a red hot shade of Red Heart as it happened), and attempted to make the Java Jammie.

As you can see from the photo, my success was limited. My rendition is serviceable, but not as elegant as the original:

textured crochet coffee cozy, crochetbug, crochet post stitch crochet cozy, coffee, red
My first attempt at the Berroco Crochet Java Jammie

Part of the problem, no doubt, was that I was using a worsted weight yarn. Another part of the problem was that I my stitches were in a nice orderly vertical line and did not slant toward the right as did the example of the Java Jammie at Berroco.

Still, I consider the effort a success because it does fit a coffee cup and because I learned to make a half-double front post stitch:

textured crochet coffee cozy, crochetbug, crochet post stitch crochet cozy, coffee, red
Detail of a crochet half-double front post stitch

I love the texture of this stitch and will definitely use it in a future project.

As for the Java Jammie, I’ll be trying my hand at this pattern again.


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    1. Thank you! I totally love the half-double post stitch and would love to try a basketweave pattern using it sometime.

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