Just another manic Monday

If I didn’t know better, I would think that The Bangles had written this song just for me, but apparently, Mondays have their own periodic zeitgeist that can’t be escaped even if you are in a rock band.

I had spent the weekend focused on my crochet, and last night, as the sun dipped in the western sky, I imagined that my Sunday would slide into and become joined with my Monday, and give me the feel of a three-day weekend.

My reverie was interrupted by reality when my mother called to remind me that I had offered to come stay with her totally devoted, very cranky Shih Tzu named Toby while she went to an appointment.

I came prepared to dog sit with what I had determined was my most urgent crochet project: washrags for Craft Hope’s project 8, so I brought a few skeins of Peaches & Creme yarn, my copy of Crochet, the Complete Guide by Jane Davis, and my collection of Etimo hooks.

After walking Toby long enough to get rid of some of his growls, I settled onto the sofa to crochet while he stood watch at the door waiting for his mistress. By the time my mom returned, I had finished this washrag:

crochet washcloth
Waves of Single Through Triple Crochet, from crochet, the complete guide by Jane Davis

and made substantial progress on this one (photo shows washrag completed):

crochet washcloth
Granny Square used in Inga’s Haekelbeutel

It seemed that Toby had managed to keep Monday at bay by standing guard at the door. After I left my mom’s, however, there was no cranky dog to keep the universe at bay, and Monday came back full force.

There were groceries to be bought, ink cartridges to be replaced, mail to be posted, and I still needed one more skein of the Peaches & Creme for the washrags as well as some sew-on snaps for a nine-patch, granny square bag that needs a closure and a strap. It only took me 2 hours to make the necessary stops on what is usually a 20-minute drive.

Despite the manic edge this Monday had, I did manage to complete one more washrag in it’s entirety:

crochet washcloth
Wedges from crochet, the complete guide by Jane Davis

and half of another before the sunset.

Here is a photo of all of the washrags together:

crochet washcloths
Project 8 washrags

2 thoughts on “Just another manic Monday

  1. I love all the colors! I recently started using peaches & creme more often for hats. Washrags would be cute!

    1. My mom is wanting to know when she will be getting her washrags. As for the Peaches & Creme, I was pleasantly surprised with the color effects of the variegated yarns. I buy variegated yarns because they color combinations appeal to me, but then when I see how the colors look after I’ve crocheted a larger area, I find it can be very hit or miss, but I thought that all three of the variegated yarns I used from Peaches & Creme added to the design of the stitches I was working with.

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