Little Kiddles and Vikings

When I was a child, I loved to play with dolls. Not because I had any interest in dressing them up or caring for them, but because of the narrative potential the dolls held–each one living a thousand lives, if only I could play with that doll for the entire day, and be the vehicle for telling that doll’s stories–or at least one of them.

When Mattel introduced Little Kiddles in 1966, I was smitten. Up until then, I had focused my doll play on Trolls with their vibrantly colored hair and rudimentary wardrobes, and while I continued to enjoy, and still love Troll dolls, the Little Kiddles opened up a more sophisticated world of play with more complicated plot lines.

I was reminded about all of this after I made Olive/Ollie the pig, I was kind of satisfied, but kind of not. As I loved playing with a collection of dolls each of whom had complicated inner lives, that is what I wanted to evoke in my design, and while I love my original pattern, the finished object lacked–to my mind–a certain narrative potential.

So in an effort to recreate the way a Little Kiddle made me feel, I spent the afternoon bouncing around from the pattern I wrote for a larger crochet pig, my project page at Ravelry that documented the development of the original pig, and my last blog post about the mini-meta pig to see if I had really and truly made any progress.

Eventually, all that was left to design were the legs, and I came up with these two options:

Two crochet leg options for an amigurumi pig
Two crochet leg options for an amigurumi pig

But despite my struggles, uncertainties, missteps, and straight up errors, the mini-meta pig has, despite my doubts started to come together:

A mini-meta crochet pig inspired by Nabokov and Little Kiddles
A mini-meta crochet pig

There are, however, still steps to be written, ends to be woven in, an arm to be crocheted, pieces to be joined, and the list seemingly goes on endlessly.

So I took a break from designing and went to the tried and true crochet viking helmet pattern.

Undecided about what colors I will use to work the hat and the details, I focused on crocheting just one horn, and while I got no where near finishing it, I did make substantive if not substantial start.

The tip of a crochet horn for a crochet Viking helmet
The start of a crochet horn

So while I let the pieces of my mini-meta crochet pig percolate in my head so that I have clarity about how to make the most perfect mini-meta crochet pig ever, I will move forward on the Viking helmet, one stitch at a time.