Making hay while the sun shines

If by hay, you mean centers for mutli-color motifs, then that is exactly what I did today.

After what passes for sleeping in now that I am up before dawn to get my son ready for his school and to the bus on weekdays, I got the dog walked, breakfast done, and sat down with a cup of coffee and resumed my work on making centers for the multi-color motifs.

The center squares of the multi-color motifs are, as it turns out, rather time intensive, and, because each square is composed of five colors used together, it is much easier to discover how the colors will (or will not) work together during daylight hours on sunny days, and after many overcast and rainy days in the month of August, today boasted plenty of sunshine, and I put as many minutes of that sunshine to use as I could.

Here is what I had at the end of the day as the sun began to set:

I make some hay with seven more multicolor textured crochet centers
I make some hay with seven more multicolor textured crochet centers

and here are yesterday’s and today’s center squares lined up for a group photo:

twelve textured crochet squares
A four by three array of yesterday’s and today’s crochet

Tomorrow’s forecast calls for overcast skies with possible thunderstorms in the afternoon. I am hoping that there are some pockets of sunshine here and there that will allow me to finish another center square or two (or three, or four), but if that is not the case, I will be ready, Clover bent-tipped yarn needle in hand, to begin the task of weaving in a few of these ends.

3 thoughts on “Making hay while the sun shines

  1. I’m telling you that is gonna be one fabulous Ghan…If you don’t get a blue ribbon for it the judges are crazy…

  2. OH my, It looks spectacular!! Grat job. I would love to try this one. You will get the blue ribbon. Hands down. I wouldn’t want to be a competitor. 🙂

  3. Now THAT is breathtaking! I love, love, LOVE it! I agree with Estee, blue ribbon worthy, absolutely.

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