Managing crochet and errands

One of the challenges I face at this time of year is that just as I need as much time as possible to work on the year’s largest project, time seems to be the one thing that is always in short supply.

It does not matter how far in advance I plan or how prepared I think I am when I begin, something will happen between the day I start my project and the last day to get the project turned in, and part of what I need to do is make certain that I always have something to work on.

Which is why I did not weave in all of the ends the other day when I finished these eight multi-color motifs:

multicolor textured crochet squares
I finish three additional multi-color crochet motifs

I knew there would come a day when I needed something to work on that was both eminently portable and easy to manage, and today was that day.

Last July my mother had a very successful cataract surgery, and today she began the process of getting ready for cataract surgery for the other eye, so today, while she was examined, I found that the six of the eight squares that still needed ends woven in were the perfect, carry along project.

Here is how they appeared before the appointment:

multicolor textured crochet squares
Six multi-color crochet square motifs with ends in need of weaving in

and here is the progress I made while waiting:

multicolor textured crochet squares
The same six multi-color motifs after I work some magic with my Clover bent-tipped yarn needles

With all of the ends woven in on the mutli-color motifs, I turned my attention to making another larger, textured triangle:

textured crochet triangle
One larger, textured triangle made with Red Heart Super Saver soft navy

While in the photo this appears to me (at least) to look an awful lot like yesterday’s Red Heart Super Saver amethyst square, it is, in fact, soft navy.

Happy with the crochet progress made (given everything else that happened during the day), I returned my attention to winding the as yet unwound skeins of sari ribbon I purchased last June, and I got all of them done:

sari ribbon strips
A bowl full of sari ribbon strips wound into balls and ready to use

Tomorrow is scheduled to be a gloriously errand-free day, and I am hoping that this is one of those times my schedule doesn’t slip.