Marching forward

Yesterday marked the first day of March, and where I live it came in like a lamb with clear sunny skies and just a touch of winter’s chill.

Today was just as clear and sunny, but it was also warmer, which allowed me to spend some of the afternoon on my back deck surveying the landscape and thinking about the crochet projects that await me.

After having spent most of the weekend working on Dotghan 1.5 (and making substantive progress):

crochet blanket based on the game dots
The crochet blanket Dotghan 1.5 almost ready for row five

this afternoon I allowed myself the luxury of working on a small project destined for one of my older sons.

In addition to being the beginning of the end of winter here in the northern hemisphere, March is the kickoff for what I have come to think of as birthday season, starting with my son Simon.

When he was in the fifth or sixth grade, I got the bright idea to write a story on the banana I packed in his lunch each day.

Using a banana and a fine line Sharpie marker, I would draw a simple face on the inside curve of the banana, then use the sides of the banana to write a story told from the point of view of the banana.

While I thought this was a wonderful way to be a part of my child’s life, my son Simon did not share my enthusiasm for the project, and after several months of writing stories on his lunch bananas, I stopped, but despite the fact the stories fell flat with my son, I have continued to have fond memories that time in his life and of those banana stories.

So when I came across Barbara Strasser’s crochet banana pattern, I decided that I absolutely positively had to make one for my son’s birthday, and this afternoon, that’s exactly what I did.

Using a 4.0 mm hook, Red Heart Super Saver aran, and Barbara Strasser’s brilliant pattern, I crocheted the flesh of the banana:

A future face for a crochet banana amigurumi
Tabula rasa

Then, using two 6 mm safety eyes and black embroidery thread, I attempted to bring life to the blank slate I had just crocheted. After several tries, this is what I had:

The face of a crochet banana amigurumi
The crochet banana to be gets a face

With that done, I switched to Red Heart Super Save bright yellow, and made quick work of the peel, stuffing the banana as I went along.

Here is a look at the top:

The plan of a finished crochet banana amigurumi
A view of the top of the finished crochet banana

and here is a view of the banana, with a mischievous smile and a sense of adventure:

Marching forward: a crochet banana ready for adventure
Marching forward: a crochet banana ready for adventure

There is still a detail or two I would like to add to this banana, and of course, there is a birthday story to be written, and just like the bananas so many years ago, this crochet version brought me a measure of joy that I will always treasure.


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  1. As always, your sense of fun combined with your creativity sends another project completely off the charts! Super!!!

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