More textured squares

The arctic chill that greeted me Tuesday morning while I waited with my youngest son at the bus stop for his first day of school after a long, luxurious break has begun to lift, and while I was waiting for relief from the cold, I continued work on the textured squares afghan inspired by a project of the same name in Magic Motif Crochet by Maggy Ramsay.

The project is built on the square seen here:

small textured crochet square
The foundation motif of Maggy Ramsay’s Textured Crochet Squares Afghan

Four of these squares are then joined into one:

four textured squares joined into one textured crochet square
Four of the foundation crochet motifs joined into a square

The four small squares are then bordered with six rounds of a single crochet stitch made by working through the back loop only of the previous round and turning the work after each round is completed. This results in a border that extends the ridge texture of the foundation motif.

Yesterday and today I devoted my crochet time to piecing together foundation motifs and adding a border as needed. Here is how far I got making new pieces (click on any of the images to see an enlarged view in a new window):

textured crochet squares
Six completed medium crochet squares and the centers of two medium crochet squares to-be

Here is one view of those new pieces pictured with the previously completed two large squares, each large square being composed of four medium squares:

One view of the completed crochet textured squares

Here is another view of those same pieces:

textured crochet squares
Another view of all of the textured crochet squares so far

And here is an annotated view that highlights the additional designs created by the ridges of texture:

textured crochet squares
Another view with graphic annotation

This addition of the border forms a design element that both transcends and circumscribes the design it is extending, just as crochet both transcends and circumscribes our daily lives.

Video Tutorial: How to make the crochet textured square/magic motif

6 thoughts on “More textured squares

  1. This afghan has a quiet beauty and a serenity in its meditative design that I find very calming.

  2. I love this motif.
    Could you please reveal the pattern of this Magic Motif Crochet by Maggy Ramsay?
    I have tried to make it, but I did not get it right.

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