Moving forward

There have been a few things of late that have required my time and attention — the sort of things that can’t wait for some other time and other day — and as a result progress on my crochet and organizing my crochet office has been very modest, but, I am happy to say, it has been progress.

The cornmeal seafarer’s cap is, thankfully, a portable project, and in my travels hither and yon, I have gotten a row done here and a row done there, and added to what was already there, I am now just eight rows shy of finishing:

future crochet cap
Ten more rows on the crochet cap

My effort to organize my crochet office, however, is not a portable project, and I have had to wait until I am at home to work on it.

Winding wayward tangles of yarn into balls, gathering pieces that once belonged to projects but which didn’t work out for one reason or another into one bag, I manage to do a little bit here and a little bit there, and eventually, those small (and at times seemingly imperceptible changes) add up, and tonight, when I stepped back to get a photo, I saw that I have made progress:

crochet office
More progress on my crochet office

If everything holds, tomorrow I should be able to spend most of the day at home, and with a little luck and a lot of persistence, I just might be able to finish the hat, and get myself one step closer to a more well-ordered life.

One thought on “Moving forward

  1. I live in a different part of the world and maybe that has influenced my idea of how a room should look.
    Of course I don’t know for sure but it is my impression that you won’t find a room like your crochet cabinet anywhere in the Netherlands.
    I stared at one of the previous pictures of your crochet room before I realized what, in my point of vue, is missing: bookcases or shelving units.
    In the Netherlands houses are in general smaller than in the US or Canada, due to the fact that this is a small country with 17 million people, so we need to use all the space we have.
    Ikea sells a lot of Billy’s, Expedit (now Kallax) and Ivar units here.

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