Mr. Headz, all dressed up with nowhere to go

When I woke up today, I was bound and determined to finish work on the first Mr. Headz I have ever made. Once I had walked the dog, made a pot of coffee, and eaten breakfast, I was ready to go.

Hook in hand, stitch markers at the ready, and strands of brightly colored yarn at my side to use in keeping track of the rounds I had crocheted, I got to work.

It wasn’t quick work, however, some of the stitches were awkward to make, the yarn constant wrapped itself around an arm or a leg or the torso. At one point, I took a break, and when I came back, I found my future skeleton preparing to order more yarn. He even seemed ready to finish crocheting his own hand if I didn’t hurry up and get to it.

Mr. Headz stand on the desk ready to order yarn

Moving him aside so I could get to my coffee and my crochet hook, I resumed my efforts, and finally, at long last, I finished his right hand, and in doing so, I had a moment of clarity where I realized what I had done wrong on his left hand.

Twenty minutes after my crochet epiphany, I had both hands looking as good as I could make them, all the ends woven in and trimmed, and Mr. Headz looked ready for whatever adventure awaited him:

Mr. Headz, the crochet skeleton, all dressed up with nowhere to go

I still have a few of the other heads to make for my fetching skeleton so that he can play all the monstrously wonderful roles he wants to, and now that I have come this far, I can highly recommend Aimee Borst’s Mr. Bone Headz Pop Off Head crochet pattern.

It is just the right amount of challenging, it is fun to make, the skeleton has even more personality than I am able to convey in the photos, and you will pick up a lot of crochet skills and new ways to approach design problems as you work your way from head to toe, one stitch at a time.

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