My stealth crochet continues

Today I got done almost everything I had hoped to get done. Among those things on my to do list is a stealth crochet project that I need to have done by the morning of the 25th.

This project is outside my comfort zone as far as the colors go. They are more muted than I a customarily choose, and I have found that until I have a piece made, I don’t really know where it should go.

Before I began working on what has become the stealth project, I selected the 8 colors I was going to use and arranged them in the order I thought I would use them. While the 8 colors have not changed, the order of arrangement has changed with every piece I have completed, but despite these shifts in placement, I have continued to make steady progress.

I have been working pieces of the project as I go from one errand to another and one task to another, but today, I managed to fit together some of the pieces that, when left separate and to their own devices, tend toward impossible to undo tangles.

One section, in particular, gave me trouble, and it took three attempts for me to join it properly.

As I neared finishing the join the first time, I discovered I had made a crucial error early on. I undid the work to the point of the error, and then began anew.

As I neared the end of the join a second time, I discovered that the join was not yet correct. Surveying my work, I found that I had made an error about three-quarters of the way from the end. Again, I undid the work to the point of the error, and this time, when I reached the end, all of the pieces fitted together as they should.

I still have about a quarter of the project left to complete, but I am to the point that I know most of the ways I will make mistakes. Unlike many of my projects, it is not what I consider weaving-in-of-ends intensive, so with any luck, my 5.5 mm hook, and Clover chibi, I will get this project done.