My yoga blanket

I first went to a yoga class in early 1994 as the result of a sequence of events that began when I pulled up some wall-to-wall carpeting.

When I started the project, I knew that there was a wood floor underneath the orange and yellow shag carpet; I did not know that the padding had been firmly glued to the floor.

Over the next three weeks, I used an electric heat gun to apply the heat necessary to make the padding and the glue underneath it bubble, and then I used a putty knife to scrap off the offensive wad of goo.

One square inch at a time, I cleaned the floor. When all was said and done, the floor looked much better, but my back felt as though it would never be the same.

In an effort to ameliorate my discomfort, I began going to a Wednesday night yoga class. Guided by an instructor who took us through a series of poses, my back began to recover, and by the time eight weeks had passed, my back was much improved.

Fourteen years later, I again found myself in a yoga class, but this time, I lacked a specific goal.

I came to find that for me, the best part of any yoga class is the nap at the end of it. After being led through 75 minutes of a series of postures and poses, only about half of which I am able to perform with any measure of grace, I get to take a nap, and I take this more seriously than I did my assigned naps in kindergarten and first grade. To that end, I made a blanket:

crochet squares crochet blanket
One view of my yoga blanket

crochet squares crochet blanket
Another view of my crochet blanket for yoga

I made this blanket with a 4.25mm Boye hook, and an assortment of Red Heart Super Saver and Classic yarns. Composed of 459 squares arranged in a rectangle of 17 x 27 squares, it is not exactly a golden rectangle, but it was as close as I could get while meeting all of the other criteria I had set out for the blanket which included using pastels for every other square.

And while this is a wonderful yoga blanket, it works equally well for sitting at the beach and gazing at the water.

3 thoughts on “My yoga blanket

  1. Hi there…i LOVEEE your yoga blanket!! Any chance that you could tell me how u made it? Like did u make all the squres then sew them together? and how big are they? Thanks so much i’d love to attempt this!

    1. I will get a how-to page done tomorrow. I have several blog posts that discuss the square in general, but I can put together a page that is yoga blanket specific.

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