National Chocolate Cake Day

Maybe, like me, you didn’t get to celebrate properly, but it turns out that today was National Chocolate Cake Day.

After a week of too much to do and too little sleep, Friday came crashing down on me, and when I should have been getting stuff done, I instead found myself trolling the internet and reading a melange of news reports on a variety of topics, one of which was an article on National Chocolate Day that featured this photo:

crochetbug, crochet, crocheted, crocheting, crochet blog
A delightfully gorgeous chocolate cake

Determined not to be as unprepared for National Chocolate Cake Day 2013 as I had been for National Chocolate Cake Day 2012, I decided that what I needed was a crocheted chocolate cake that would not only be ready at all times for any celebratory needs, but would also be calorie free.

After a quick search using the terms “crochet'” “cake,” and “pattern,” I quickly found this creation of Brett Bara’s:

crochetbug, crochet, crocheted, crocheting, crochet blog
Brett Bara’s Crochet Cake Confection

the pattern for which can be found here.

While this cake was worked in a buttercream frosting color, the shape is magnificent, and it will be equally awesome worked as a chocolate frosted cake.

As for Brett Bara, herĀ  name might sound familiar because she is the editor of Crochet Today! and one of the experts at Knit and Crochet Now! TV, a website dedicated to providing (among other things) “…commercial free programming featuring top-notch information from the best knit and crochet experts.”

The site has a number of free patterns and instructional videos for crocheters and knitters, and if it hadn’t been for my exhaustion induced internet wanderings, I might not have been prompted to search for the perfect pattern for a chocolate cake, and it might have been several weeks to several months before I learned of this crafting treasure trove.

4 thoughts on “National Chocolate Cake Day

  1. Leave it to you!!! I Love It!!! some times trolling pays off. what a great way to keep a pretty cake tray up-front,until it can be used for the Real thing. Of Course here in the deep south it is Red-Red cake hmmm.Ideas are mixing in my head now. Thanx for starting my day on such a sweet note cake is on my Hook list for sure!

  2. got my copy of pattern.Perfect reason to go to yarn store,as I have none of my “need-ed” colors in current stash.Really I don’t ,I checked….Have a Great day wish you more energy. How is uber Poncho????

  3. Mmm cake! I didn’t know it was National Chocolate Cake Day, I totally would have had some cake.

    Hm…wonder if this was why the waitress was trying to convince us to have hot fudge ice cream cakes for dessert last night.

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