Needed: a crochet benefit analysis

With my Fibonacci project momentarily on hold while I try to figure out how to make the project look in life as it looks in my imagination, I turned to the Purl Bee stash basket, a project that has become one of my “go to” project for solace, inspiration, and storage.

Using a 6.0 mm hook and worsted weight acrylic yarns from all corners of my crochet empire, I finished my newest stash bag just before this afternoon’s storm rolled in.

Here is the bag in all of it’s finished glory:

Cheesecake Factory inspired yarn stash crochet bag
I finish the Cheesecake Factory bag inspired crochet stash basket

and here it can be seen with the bag that inspired it:

crochet stash basket
My most recent crochet stash basket with the bag that inspired it

As for the new stash bag, it took less than a minute for me to fill it to the brim with a colorful assortment of yarns:

crochet stash basket
A side view of my newest crochet stash basket replete with yarn

crochet stash basket
An over view of my newest crochet stash basket filled to the brim

Maybe someday, someone somewhere will find the algorithm that would allow me to calculate a crochet benefit analysis and learn just exactly how many of these bags I need to make from my current stash to house the stash that has not yet been crocheted into a stash bag.

Until then, I’ll have to do it the old-fashioned way, and continue to make stash bags as needed whether it is for solace, inspiration, storage, or all three.

3 thoughts on “Needed: a crochet benefit analysis

  1. LOVE THIS ONE!!!! Over the moon with the colors – so much prettier than the inspirational cheesecake bag!!! SO pretty!!!

  2. Love the bag!

    Well one thing you could do is to set aside X amount of skeins that can fit in a bag and put it in a pile, then add the equivalent for what’s used to make the bag. Keep doing this until you run out of stash yarn to put into piles. That’ll give you an idea of how many more bags you need to make! (until you buy or use more yarn…)

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