No one can make just one

As many of my regular readers know, after I completed my state fair piece this year, I began work on Zelna Olivier’s “Road Trip” scarf, and today I completed my first one, but it turns out that just one was not enough.

I had to make a few changes to the pattern to accommodate the yarn I used — a hand-dyed fingering weight merino wool/nylon blend I picked up at Knit One Weave Too in Edwardsville, Illinoi — the first of which was using a smaller (3.5mm) hook.

Then, because of the thinner yarn and smaller hook, more rows were needed to get to the finished size (I crocheted 40 rows before beginning work on the edging).

Lastly, I had to alter the edging just a bit using 4 chains where five were called for, and then — along the base — crocheting a 3dc, chain 3 combination in place of the 2dc, chain 5 combination described in the pattern.

The pattern was eminently adaptable, and as of Sunday afternoon, all that was left was the tricking out. Using some Classic Elite felted merino roving I bought long ago in a galaxy far, far away, I made 10 flowers and tried this arrangement:

crochet flowers, crochet scarf
Flowers crocheted and ready to be secured

After I had secured all but one of the flowers, I tried it on, and saw that a small rearrangement was needed, so I moved one of the green flowers so that it could be better seen when worn. I also decided against the braided cords for this particular rendition:

crochet scarf, crochet flowers
My first road trip crochet scarf, tricked out and ready to go

With my first ever “Road Trip” scarf, ta-done, I immediately moved onto what will be my second “Road Trip” scarf with some yarn that I picked up after I had finished last year’s state fair project.

When I saw the yarn, I knew it was something that my mother would love, and I envisioned the perfect mobius cowl. Unfortunately, the yarn would not cooperate with my efforts and no matter how large or how small a hook I used, or how simple or complicated the stitch, the effect was rather lumpish, and not terribly satisfying.

But the “Road Trip” scarf pattern changed all that.

Using a 5.5 mm hook to accommodate the wider stretches of this variable weight yarn, I got to work and in short order, here is what I had:

I start on my second road trip crochet scarf because no one can make just one
I start on my second road trip crochet scarf because no one can make just one

I am delighted that I have finally found a project that suits this yarn, and I’m guessing that my mom will be as well.

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